Olive Oil is produced in many countries around the world, and one of the lasrgest countries producing extra virgin olive oil is Italy. Infact, Italy is the worlds third largest producer of EVOO with exports made worldwide.

extra virgin olive oil tenuta le mandorlaieWhen we think of Italy and olive oil, and even wine, we all tend to think of Tuscany, which is situated just above the capital of Italy, Rome. We know that all of Italy produces incredible organic olive oil, but today we are focusing on the olive oil from Tuscany, and in particular the area in the south of Tuscany, Maremma.

About Maremma Tuscany

Many of us have heard or, or seen images of Tuscany, the winding roads lined with tell fir trees and the glorious unspoiled countryside. It certainly is a location that takes your breath away, and Maremma is in the south of Tuscany.

It is primarily an agricultural area and there are many family run farms specializing in growing vegetables, grapes for wine and of course olives for the incredible olive oils available.